Budapest 2010

16 September 2010 to 18 September 2010

THE CRISIS IN EUROPE 'Re-inventing EU Policies Delivering Growth and Fighting Poverty'


Plenary Session I
Europe 2020 from a Centre-Right Perspective: fighting poverty, creating jobs and confidence (between stakeholders) in Europe societies in a time of budgetary constraints

Dirk Hudig Presentation

Monica Oriol Presentation

PV  Fighting poverty


Round Table - Neighbourhood Policies

PV Neighbourhood

Round Table - Europe 2020 from a Centre-Right Perspective: Priorities for a stronger growth in Europe



Plenary Session II
Rebuilding confidence in financial markets: financial regulations, budgetary discipline, monetary stability

Presentation Mr DELPLA

Ross Walker

PV Financial Markets

Round Table - European Energy and Industrial Policy after Copenhagen and the crisis

Presentation Maria Graça Carvalho

PV EIN energy panel 2010


Round Table - Saving Global Trade

Hanns Glatz - Conclusions

Presentation Yongchang

PV Global Trade

Plenary Session III
The Unique Experience of Democratic Transformation and Modernization in Central and Eastern European Countries

PV Unique Experience

PV Report Plenary Session III

Round Table - The field of new Transatlantic Cooperation

PV Mr Haglund

Pv Transatlantic Coop - Roland Freudenstein


Round Table - The security of Europe against terror

Eduardo Gutierrez

IBANEZ - Cooperation_in_Latin_America_against_Terrorism

PV The security of Europe against terror


Plenary Session IV

European Governance: New Political Commitments after Lisbon Treaty and Strategy 2020

Allan Janik - Towards a Sustainable Politics

PV Political Commitments


Round Table - Europe 2020 from a Centre-Right Perspective: Digital Competitiveness Up-date

Presentation JH Bakkers

Round Table - Demography: Adjusting Family - Education and Employment Policies to the new demographic pyramid


Gabriella Vukovich presentation

Report RT on demography - Sara Pini

Silva Peneda


Closing Session
Intervention Mr Daul


EIN Review Meeting: for Working Group Chairmen, Rapporteurs and representatives of Centre-Right Think- Tanks and Political Foundations with a special presentation by the Schuman Foundation